Tea is a drink of health & beauty for you

Tea time is a chance to slow down and appreciate your surroundings. And we are coming all the way to make your tea
experience unforgettable. Brand new Saswata’s delicious tea will make sure that your tea cravings are taken care of.
Because a cup of tea makes everything better.

Black Tea

White Tea

Orange Tea

Herbal Tea

100% Natural Whole Leaf Teas

No Artificial Flavour | No Added Essences | No Added Olis
  • Saswata tea is India’s homegrown international specialty tea brand launched in major markets globally.
  • Whole-leaf teas with minimum processing, ensure maximum antioxidants.
  • Saswata tea has the finest selection of captive tea estates ensuring garden fresh teas.
  • Tea teas are hand-curated with the finest natural ingredients selected by the best connoisseurs and tea experts.
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Few facts about Saswata Tea


Tea is an essential drink of our daily lives from centuries. The first thing that we need before starting our day is morning tea. Tea has the power to change and refresh our mood. No matter how we are feeling, tea is the solution for most of our issues. If we are feeling lazy we need tea to feel energetic, if we are feeling tired we prepare tea to freshen up. From helping in lowering the stress level to freshening up the spoiled mood the benefits of tea are endless With the growing popularity of tea, tea brands are also growing within the market. But to provide you the best out of all the brands we are here with our Saswata Tea. With Saswata Tea we are aiming to provide you the best tea experience of your lives but in an organic manner. Unlike any other brand in the market, our Saswata Tea is organic and no chemicals are used in the process of preparing it. We directly collect tea leaves from garden, process them in unit obeying all quality guidelines in hygienic manners and then packed properly. Saswata Tea is pure natural,100% chemical free and hygienic. Our topmost priority is your health. Saswata Tea will make sure that you do not have to skip your cup of tea due to any reason. Not only should you prefer the Saswata Tea because of our delicious taste and refreshing nature, but we also put our consumers on the topmost priority. This makes us more reliable and you can trust us over any other tea brand in the market. And we will make sure that your trust is maintained and preserved properly


Our ultimate vision is to serve our customers with the best quality tea from our side. The experience and positive response from our customers are all that matter to us. We are here to set a trend of providing the healthiest beverage option for you. So that you can make Tea a part of your daily lifestyle without any doubt. Our vision is to completely change the way all the people judge tea. We aim to serve all the tea lovers and make a special place in their kitchens. We aspire to become the most admired tea brand in the country.


Our mission is to fill your cup of tea with the best taste, with all-natural herbs, and bring a healthy cup of tea to your table. We work continuously in order to serve our customers in the best possible manner. Our main mission is to contribute to your health and giving you joy at the same time. We have innovatively created outstanding and delicious Tea related products. We are committed to benefit our customers to the fullest. We seek to positively impact our customer’s life and life of society as a whole.


As we have chosen to serve you with the best quality tea you have ever had, our goal is to satisfy your cravings for your favourite tea. And if we are successful in making a place in your kitchen which we are sure about, we will love to try new blends. We know that you have lots of brands in the market to choose from. But our goal is to build an unbreakable trust in your minds by solving all your hesitations and questions. We are aiming to make Saswata the most trusted tea brand of India.

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