We are here with an amazingly delicious tea brand from Saswata. We are here to conquer your mornings. By giving you the best cup of tea of your entire life in the form of Saswata Tea, so that we could become an irreplaceable part of your lives. Saswata Tea is plucked from the best tea gardens from upper hilly areas. Unlike other brands, Saswata tea is the most versatile drink that will make you feel fresh. We will enlighten the minds and souls of the entire family by the freshness in the form of Saswata Tea.


The journey starts with the collection of the tea leaves directly from the best tea gardens. This tea is 100% organic and no harmful chemicals are used in the process of preparing Saswata Tea. We are taking your health as our topmost priority. And every process is undertaken by keeping in mind your health and fitness. Our journey continues with the expansion of our “Saswata Tea” in each and every state of the country. We want our customers to decide what is best for them. We believe in our
Saswata Tea and want to create this belief in the minds of people all around the world. We are on a never-ending journey to give the best to our customers in the form of delicious
Saswata Tea.


Tea a famous drink all over the world mesmerized with innovative, unique and variety of
flavours. Saswata is adding original flavours to your list. Saswata has recently launched its new 3 tea brands and will keep launching more with the support of people. The recently launched brands are Apna Chai, Gold tea and Royal tea.


  • Premium Quality Tea
  • A large number of varieties.
  • Best CTC Tea.
  • Verified by the best Tea tester.

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